Using charter jets to reach remote and rural locations

Posted by on 18/10/2011

If you or one of your employees needs to go somewhere by plane the first thing is to look at commercial flights normally. Sometimes a city even in the same state though is going to take an indirect flight to get to and rural areas may be virtually inaccessible via commercial flights, even if there is a local airfield.

Even if it is possible to use commercial flights to fly somewhere it could mean several connections to catch, and connections waste time. A connection may take a few hours each time or in some cases mean waiting around for an entire day, your time and your employees’ time is too valuable and the cost of flights makes it not even that economical: if more than a few people are going the carbon emissions don’t look so good either.

A direct flight though may be possible with a charter aircraft and it is well worth at least looking into the time saved. You or your staff won’t even have to get to a major airport to begin with: whichever airport is closest you will be able to fly from and then fly direct to a remote or rural airfield as well. If flying internationally it may even be that you are flying from a major regional city to another major regional city but that this still means that with commercial flights you could be looking at three flights: with a charter flight it will be just one.