NovaJet Aviation Group Moves to Paperless Cockpit

Following the introduction of NovaJet’s Carbon Offset partnership with TerraPass, the first for any private jet operator in Canada, we are pushing our program even further by transitioning to a fully paperless cockpit. Environmental responsibility is a driving force behind our operations, and as an industry leader in carbon offset, we are excited about the initiatives we are taking to reduce our ecological impact.


A fully paperless cockpit will save up to 90,000 sheets of paper annually. This equates to seven to ten full trees at the current fleet size, or over half a tree per aircraft, per year. Did you know that North America only recycles about 53% of its paper? With a paperless cockpit we are not only reducing paper use, but paper waste. This is a small change with a huge impact, and it’s only the beginning. 

Watch for future news as NovaJet continues to expand the use of available technology to reduce waste and improve efficiency, passing the ecological benefits on to you and future generations.

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