6-Must-Go Places With A Private Jet

Posted by on 31/08/2015

Almost all of us would have dreamt of a nice holiday in the middle of a gorgeous and scenic place. What would be even nicer is if you can arrive at such an exotic or beautiful location in a private jet. Such places are usually far from the usual busy city sides and an ideal way to access to them without conventional hassles would be to fly with a private jet. Here are some of the prime locations for you to consider.

The North Island in Seychelles

Just mentioning the name Seychelles will light up many people’s faces. The North Island in Seychelles is one of the best honeymoon spots in the world that even Prince William and Kate Middleton had their honeymoon there! It is an exotic location surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Its beauty would convince you that it is worth every penny that you would pay to get there and stay there. If possible, you may consider booking the entire island for yourself, so you would get all 11 villas that way. You even get your own butler to run errands for you while you and your loved ones kick back and relax in the North Island!

Necker Island in British Virgin Island

This whole island is only 30 kilometers square large, and it is a very popular place known as Necker. It can hold up to 28 people in 6 very high end lodges. There are private chefs to serve you at any hour and there are plenty of swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts. You can keep fit during your holiday here or just jump into the sea for a good swim! The owner of this island is Sir Richard Branson which is the founder and Director of Virgin.

Quilalea Island in Mozanbique

This would be one of the most unforgettable places you might ever travel to if you are an adventure-loving person. Quilalea Island is ultimately a haven for people who love to snorkel. You can come and have great snorkelling experiences here where you can swim around to appreciate the fauna and flora under the sea. If you happen to travel in between the months of July and November, you might be lucky to catch Humpback Whales in action! There are always Dolphins here in this island all year round so worry not if you are planning to make a trip here to catch them.

Turtle Island in Fiji

This is a good choice for a romantic getaway where you can indulge in fishing activities and various water sports. In this location, it is a great deal to conserve wild life and sea life, so every activity revolves around that focus. It is often reviewed to be a great place to relax with a loved one.

Isla Kiniw,Curacao

This is the smallest island on the list because it is just 1 kilometer square. It is placed to the south east of the island Curacao itself and its often known as a good location to host weddings, family reunions, and good parties. There are big accommodations on this island with four double bedrooms, a kitchen a private beach and a gorgeous tropical garden.

Vomo Island in Fiji

Vomo Island has 28 villas and two private houses. It has lots of great spas and a gorgeous beach with a wide range of sporting activities for all sports lovers. Not just water sports, but also other sports like tennis, golf and volleyball. This is the best spot if you want to get your family set up for an exclusive holiday.

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