Chartering a Jet: What to be Prepared For?

Posted by on 10/05/2016

Flying a chartered jet is not like flying a commercial airplane - that's what makes it so special! You don't have to spend hours shuffling through check-in lines, security pat downs, and boarding calls to get on your plane, and you don't have to rub elbows with sweaty strangers while you're cramped into the sardine can that the airline tries to pass off as a seat.

Instead, you get to enjoy private boarding, luxury seating, and amenities that will blow away anything you've experienced in first class.

But flying a chartered jet isn't a free-for-all. There are still rules to follow, and it's important that you know what to expect so you are properly prepared for your flight.

Boarding Flights

You won't have to show up for your chartered flight an hour or two early. Instead, you can get there about 15 minutes before you're set to board, and you can drive right up to the aircraft on the runway in your car. The 15 minutes is just a short buffer for loading your luggage and allowing you to get settled before the plane takes off.

If you are flying internationally, the procedure for takeoff will be the same, but you should be prepared to go through customs when you land. You'll have to show your passport and provide personal information about the purpose of your trip and anything you are bringing with you. Some charter operators will collect this information and send it ahead of time so that you just have to sign off when you arrive.


Every charter jet includes different amenities, but some standard offerings include snacks and drinks, meals, personal entertainment, wi-fi, and full bathrooms. It is important that you about the details of the amenities before you book the flight. If you have special dietary needs or concerns, you need to address them before booking the flight so you can ensure that your needs are met during travel.

Passenger and Baggage Limitations

Every jet has a seating capacity that cannot be exceeded, so you must discuss your options if you plan to book travel as a group. How much luggage you can bring with you depends on how much you want to impact your flight. If cabin space is tight, you may crowd yourself out with your own luggage. Or you may add an extra stop to your trip for a refuel.

Keep the luggage light or send it ahead on a separate flight.

Many charter operators will let you fly with a pet at no extra charge, but there may be a cleaning fee.

Always discuss the policies before you book your flight to ensure safe and pleasant travels.