Don't Ruin Your Private Jet Flight Experience With These Foodstuffs!

Posted by on 23/02/2015

Private jets are increasingly gaining popularity among travelers because they allow you to enjoy privacy, intimacy, luxury, security and convenience among other things when flying. And flying on a private jet is also one of the safest modes to travel. But you don't want to ruin your flight; there are some foodstuffs which if you consume before the flight, they might give rise to abdominal issues, give bad breath or cause dehydration, thus making the flight even more stressful.

You need to know which food should quickly be put off the table so that when you go up 35,000 ft. in the air, you are still sure of enjoying the flight. And it is important to avoid such foodstuffs because apart from issues such as jet lag, they can also lead to belching and bloating. Below are foodstuffs to avoid before taking that flight:


This is one of the most beneficial spices, but consumption of garlic can cause intolerable bad breath. Imagine someone trying to talk to you and immediately you feel such a breath? You wouldn't want to continue with the conversation, or would you? This foul breath is not appreciated. And garlic once absorbed in the blood, it will lead to body odor as well. 


Stopping at the Starbucks to grab your favorite cup of brew is a good idea, but not just before the flight. It causes some funny breath and can cause dehydration as well. It can also irritate your stomach, thus making you and your friends feel uncomfortable.


Of course alcohol is not food, but you are advised to avoid it if you are to take a private flight or commercial flight. For some people, alcohol is like a sleeping peel especially during long flights. However, alcohol acts as dehydrating catalyst and because you are in a closed atmosphere, the body dehydrates even more. This is extremely dangerous. 

French fries

There is always a time and place for everything. So, you can even postpone that hearty date with French fries if you are to fly soon. Although the aroma is surely tempting, the amount of fat and oil in French fires can really make your stomach go for a toss. And the high amount of unsaturated fats as well as sodium can lead to feet swelling.


Perhaps, this is the gaseous culprit that tops on the list. Beans should be a complete no-no before flying. You don't want to consume different types of legumes and beans only to end up with a bad stomach mix up. They can also lead to bloating and cause excessive gas. You are advised to avoid beans as well as cauliflower, broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables before flying.

Burgers and hot dogs

Almost everyone indulges in hot dogs and burgers, but having them before your private jet flight can lead to abdominal issues. These fast food items are also filled with saturated fats which are tricky for the body to digest when you are flying thousands of feet above the sea level. And fatty foodstuffs can also cause the constriction of blood which leads to the swelling of feet.

Sugar free gum and candy

Surprisingly, sugar–free products are not good to consume before flying. These products contain synthetic sweeteners which are also a challenge when it comes to digestion. And artificial sweeteners can cause bloating, stimulate your bladder or even lead to flatulence. You don't want to spend the entire time in the private jet's bathroom, so avoid these products for sometime before you catch your flight.

Acidic fruits

Acidic fruits such as apples, pineapples, oranges and passion fruits are good for our bodies but they are not that easy to be digested, so they will lead to gas formation. You are advised to avoid them before the flight. And stay clear from lots of fruit juices as well, they contain Vitamin C which can lead to stimulating your bladder.  

Carbonated drinks

If you consume carbonated drinks before taking your flight, they will lead to flatulence because they contain excess amount of gases in them. Apart from being filled with the carbon dioxide which leads to flatulence, carbonated drinks also contain sweeteners which don't go well with your colon. And the gas may lead to bloating, belching and even heartburn when travelling on the jet.

Since you may sit for long hours on the jet, it is prudent to ensure that you get the most of your flight and enjoy each and every phase of your flight. It is therefore important to avoid those food items that can lead to discomfort or simply spoil your entire time when travelling.

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