The Big Question: Private Jets Or Commercial Airlines?

Posted by on 24/07/2015

Of the two, commercial airlines are the most used. You have probably been on a commercial airline before. It is the probably the first thing that pops into mind when we talk of travelling by air, but just how much do you know about travelling by private jets?

Commercial airlines and private jets both come with their advantages over each other and for the most part, what one lacks in one area they make up for in another. However, which one of the two is the best mode to use with regard to your needs? If you travel by air often, then you might have considered chartering a private jet at one point or the other. Did you take that option? Well, check out the following reasons why you should take that option:

•    Convenience. Public airlines tend to have a lot of hassles that. Take for instance, all those long queues at the airport and the annoying luggage checks that keep you at the airport for hours on end. What about the issue of overbooked return flights and getting stuck in a strange city? Private jets are the embodiment of convenience. All you have to do is charter a plane and they take you to your destination. Private jets eliminate connection flights. No queues, no overbooked flights. Sit back and enjoy your journey.

•    Quality cuisine. Commercial airlines offer a limited range of food. Their on board chefs cater for the needs of the general public and satisfying the whole plane can be very demanding and even sometimes outright impossible. They make a decent effort, but why not spoil yourself every once in a while? Tired of always getting served the same food? Choose an item and being told it’s not available? Then this is exactly the deal for you. Private Jet charter services come with the option to fully customize your entire flight experience with hand-picked food menus and in-flight entertainment. With the on-flight gourmet chef and well trained staff, you are assured of a never forgettable experience. Get the specific meals and drinks that you want when you want it.

•    Entertainment. While public airlines offer a fixed set of entertainment package, private jets give you the freedom to customize your entertainment. If you are interested in watching only a special set of movies or programmes, all you have to do is make arrangements with the airline and your preference will be put into effect. You and your companions can watch any set of movies from a previously picked choice or just listen to a playlist of your selection. Your entertainment and comfort is the crew`s priority.

•    Privacy. You sit next to all sorts of people in a public airline. If you have ever tried to sleep close to a crying baby or tried to have a conversation next that person who seems to be keen to eavesdrop, then you probably know that privacy is virtually nonexistent in a public airline. After all, it’s why they call it a public airline. There is a simple solution to this, you just can charter a jet. Privacy is arguably the greatest edge that a private jet has over flying in a public airline. You can have conversations freely, sleep when you want without being bothered by anyone.

•    Freedom to tailor most of the flight experience. You might have already found out that you have less freedom to customize certain aspects of the flight experience in public airlines already. Take off time is defined by the airline and if you are late, you might miss your flight. You eat the food they provide sometimes even when what you want may not be available. You watch their preloaded movies, listen to their songs and such.

It is impossible to satisfy the wide range of needs of all the customers in a flight since everybody has different needs. When you charter a private jet, you get the opportunity to do all this. Take off is when you are ready, the food is what you have demanded, the entertainment is what you requested. You basically get to define most of the aspects of the flight either before or during the flight.

•    Availability of flights. It would be impractical for public airlines to have planes ready whenever everybody needs a flight to certain destinations. Instead, they have predefined flights to their different destinations. This means that if you need a flight to a specific destination, you might have to wait until the next flight. You can avoid this inconvenience by chartering a jet. Most charter companies will have jets ready to take off when you are ready, eliminating the time wasted while waiting for the next flight.

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