Tips On Taking A Private Jet To The Super Bowl This Year

Posted by on 09/01/2015

Granted, the Super Bowl constitutes an iconic event that requires little introduction. Introduced in 1967, the event is more than a piece of sporting history that every self-respecting American wants to be part of. Given its significant role in modern society, it’s safe to state that the Super Bowl has become engrained in the fabric of the US. After all, it is the most popular sporting event in the country celebrated by football aficionados and non-fans alike.

The XLIX Super Bowl

Welcoming more than 50,000 visitors to experience the thrill of two teams of champions go head to head, the Super Bowl is also the most heavily trafficked private jet event in the world. This year, the XLIX edition will be taking place on the 1st of February at the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. While it’s true that you have one month at your disposal to figure out accommodations and transport, it’s highly advisable to check the jet rentals as early as possible.

The importance of booking your rental charter early stems from the fact that the 49th edition counts numerous famous names that have already created a lot of hype on and off field. Besides the actual football match, it’s also worth noting that the half-time constitutes a highlight in itself. This year, the frontrunner is Katy Perry, an act that is guaranteed to have a huge reception.

Renting a private charter makes sense

Without a doubt, there are many ways to celebrate the Super Bowl this year. You can choose to make a gathering of friends and family over chips and dips out at a bar or in your home. However, if you count yourself among the lucky ones who already own a ticket, private jets represent the perfect means of transportation, especially if you’re a football fan and want to enjoy this great event in style. In all fairness, it makes little sense to spend thousands of dollars on prime seats only to endure a nightmarish journey through Arizona.

On a side note it would be ideal if you managed to rent a private jet for this purpose somewhere around 6 months ahead of the event. Given the magnitude of the Super Bowl, the aforementioned timeframe gives the private jet services enough time to take care of all the details, from airport checking to ensuring the passengers of the aircraft enjoy the most popular wine while on board.

The other reasons to consider renting a private jet for one of the biggest events of the year include:

• Convenience - There are dozens of small airports where your private charter can land, in and around Glendale. Therefore, you can be certain to land closer to the location where you reserved your accommodations, while avoiding the crowds and queues of commercial airports;

• Save time - Depending on the company you choose to do business with, you can even have a small charter ready to go in just a couple of hours. Moreover, private jets can fly directly to your destination and arrive at the airport just minutes before your scheduled departure;

• High flexibility - In case this is your first time visiting Glendale or Arizona, a private charter means that you can make flight plan changes and get to explore a bit of this area. Private jets can also be ready at a few hours notice and rest assured, they’ll wait for you in the event when you’re running late;

• Quality of service - Regardless of whether you’re flying from Dallas or from Canada, you can be certain to enjoy plenty of space, luxury, comfortable furnishing and individualized attention to all your favourite foods and drinks;

• Reduced stress - Because you don’t have to account for long lines, delays, lost luggage or security issues, you’re bound to be more relaxed.

Can the charter take me over the University of Phoenix Stadium?

One of the most common questions private charter companies are asked regarding huge sports events such as the Super Bowl is whether their aircraft can take them directly over the stadium during game-day. The short answer is no, because each year the FAA issues a ‘No-Fly’ zone directly over the stadium. Although it is the only sure restriction, judging by last year’s limitations there’s a fair chance the FAA will issue other constraints such as:

• In-air reroutes

• Demand different flying and landing patterns

• Closure of private airports during the game day

• It might require landing reservations for the majority of metro airports

Before you fret, take note that all reputable private charter companies have already sent at least a team of specialists to Glendale, Arizona to sort these details out for their customers. In fact, some companies have even gone through the trouble of renting multiple hotel rooms and limos to account for the situation when a flight is rerouted or significantly delayed.