What Is The Difference Between Flying First Class And Flying Privately?

Posted by on 01/05/2015

Both flying privately and flying in a first class airline sounds as luxurious as each other. But many of us don’t know the exact differences, do we? We think that they are both pretty much the same in terms of how much of convenience and comfort we get out of the travel. But there are definitely differences and one has to be better than the other at least in certain aspects.

Is flying first class really the same as flying privately?

Time is undoubtedly the most important factor we have in our lives, even more than money sometimes. Time is money and sometimes priced more than money simply because lost time cannot be regained back. Many people who travel often in airlines think that travelling first class is the best way to save time and at the same time experience high end luxury in their travel too. However, no matter first class or business class travel, you are still bound by the schedules and delays of a certain airline. You would still need to comply with their schedules, and have to comply with the limited range of food menu they are going to provide to you.

Moreover, the airport checks and security baggage checks are something you simply cannot run away from because these are rules you have to adhere to along with the hundreds and thousands of people travelling with you in the aircraft and in the airports. By comparing all these points, flying privately very clearly wins over flying first class.

Flying with your own schedule

Flying privately saves your time like no other form of travel. You get to decide your own schedule and you fly when you want to. You are not bound by any general rules that apply to a large group of people which is possibly going to waste a lot of your time. Instead of arriving hours earlier for formalities and procedures even when you fly first class, you can choose to drop by to your own airport about 10 minutes earlier just before your private jet would take off. And the best part is, your private jet is not going to take off without you!

You can fly at any time that you want to and you can stop over at any destination that you please. Or you can simply fly through straight to your final destination without any stop over as well. You are the only one in line in the queue for security checks and baggage checks so don’t worry, it is not going to take more than just a simple few minutes.

You can have your limousine or your private car driven all the way to the stairway step that leads down from your private jet, so getting around and hogging your luggage through their airport lines and queues is not going to be an issue at all. Finally, there is no way you need to worry about the traffic because you land when you want to, so you can have your forecast for the local traffic done before you plan your own flight timings.

Privacy like nowhere else

Flying privately allows you to skip the largely unwanted fighting with the crowd element of your pre-flight formalities. This shows you that flying privately does not just mean that you get your own space on the flight itself, but also before and after it. You don’t need to run along with other groups of people and you can peacefully make your own way to your own private jet through empty lines and counters.

The part of having your own privacy in the jet itself is simply priceless, especially if you are having a considerably long journey to somewhere. You can get into your couch on the jet, choose to sleep or wind in with some good music, food and a great book. The peace and calamity you get in your private jet assures you a great and problem-free travel. This is accentuated by the fact that you are free before and after your flight journey with clear lines.  If you are travelling with your family or friends, it gives you a great personal space for you to spend some quality time with them. With children on board with you, it gives you a far better hand to handle and attend to their needs than when travelling in a commercial airline.

Fine food and beverages

Rather than choosing from a list of options of food which you might not be pleased with, you can choose what food you want to eat during your journey and let your private jet service know in advance. You can have your choice of food served to you warm in shining silverware, again of your choice. You can also choose which wine or champagne you would want to drink at whichever time you would want to. The versatility is just endless and too hard to say no to!