Why Should You Opt To Fly Privately?

Posted by on 30/03/2015

To any successful business person, time is one of their most valuable commodities.  And while some flyers think that flying first class is the way to save time and have a more luxurious flying experience, they are still at the mercy of the airline’s flight menu, schedules and airport security personnel. Flying in a private jet on the other hand is a far superior to option compared to flying in a commercial flight, the chosen ticket considered.

Here are some of the main advantages of flying in a private jet

1.    Time saving: Time wasted is money lost. When you choose to enlist the services of a private jet charter, you will be amazed by the amount of time you can be able to save. With a private jet service, you will not need to waste time being transferred from a remote parking lot to the airport. Not only this, there are no check-ins with these types of flights. You will also be able to successfully avoid long lines that are the norm in all major airports around the world. Intrusive TSA security check-points are also successfully avoided when you opt for private jet charters.

 Common air travel issues such as boarding process frustrations, untimely delays, being bumped from overbooked flights, lost luggage, long layovers as you wait for connecting flights are all done away with when you opt to fly in a private jet.  Because your time is extremely important, a reliable private jet charter service provider makes sure it is not wasted in the airport.

2.    Privacy: You can’t get the kind of privacy that is offered by a private jet charter by choosing to fly in a commercial flight. In simple terms, your privacy is assured when you opt to fly in a private jet because the people on board are only those you expressly invited. For business people and their associates, private jets offer the ideal setting for holding crucial meetings or working while on board, all without being interrupted by noisy passengers, children kicking the back of your seat, crying babies and so forth. Families also greatly benefit from private jet charters as children get seated with their parents as opposed to between unknown strangers.

3.    Flexibility: Why should you waste time going from one travel site to another trying to find flights that are departing from a given location during a certain time of the day or night to suit your requirements? Chartering a private jet to take you to any destination around the country or even outside is as simple as contacting a broker and setting your own itinerary, dates, time and destination included.  So why stress yourself trying to plan out flight layovers and connections?

4.    Total comfort: There is nothing worse than getting a seat on a commercial airplane only to find out that you will stuck next to the restrooms for the next five hours or you will be sandwiched between two other flyers. When you fly on a private jet, you will be the only occupant, meaning that you will have plenty of space to stretch out and be comfortable. Even when you invite two of your friends or business partners in your flight, you will still have enough space to entertain all of them, or enjoy watching a movie, or conduct business, or even catch a nap as you fly.

Price considerations when it comes to chartering a private jet

Now that you know the benefits of flying in a private jet, we are now going to look at the factors you need to put into consideration before chartering airplane. These factors include the operator’s history, airplane safety, charter price and insurance. Taking care of all these factors can be an overwhelming task for the flyer. So it is recommended that a charter flight broker be used to help handle the said factors. A professional charter broker will make sure that all the mentioned items are properly addressed.

Although the security and safety of the passengers is a primary consideration when chartering a private jet, the charter price is the deciding factor. This means that the flyer will need to receive several quotes from comparable charter companies before making the final selection. If the flyer needs to fly on a regular basis, then it is advisable to try and negotiate for a fairer deal, for example, where you are allowed to purchase 20, 30, 60, 100-hour time blocks which can be used over a specified duration of time.

In addition to aircraft flight-time charges, there are other costs that are associated with the charter operations. These costs include fuel surcharges, crew transportation, ground transportation, wait-time charges, catering, over flight charges, security fees, landing and handling fees, federal excise taxes, and many more depending on specific players in the industry. So it is important to know the cost of the entire flight before signing the charter contract. Most importantly, have a lawyer review the charter agreement prior to signing it and scheduling the flight.