Avoid a Connecting Flight

Posted by on 31/05/2011

Commercial airlines have many annoyances. One of the big ones is being forced to take a “connecting flight”. After all the money you paid, they still can’t just take you where you need to go. Can you imagine if you ordered food at one restaurant, and were then told you have to drive to a second restaurant to eat it?

One of the most annoying things about connecting flights is that it seems like you’re enduring the annoyances of air travel a second time. This is after you’ve already gone through security and other tedious lines; you could have sworn you already paid your dues for this flight.

But now, you have to travel a ridiculous distance from one gate to another. Sometimes you have to wait several more hours before your connecting flight arrives. Or worse, your first flight is delayed and you miss your next flight.

Connecting flights can sometimes be avoided by buying your tickets far in advance. This isn’t always the case though. And you don’t always know too far ahead of time that you’re going to need to travel in the future.

One of the best ways to avoid a connecting flight is to rent a private jet. Private charter companies cater to a small group of people and are far more personalized. They’ll take you exactly where you need to go. A “connecting flight” doesn’t even exist for them.