Can Personal Or Private Jets Fly in And out Of Commercial Airports?

Posted by on 22/06/2016

Going to various destinations on a private jet can come into some limitations. Some areas where you can travel don’t have a location for charter plane landing. These kinds of inconvenience can affect either your choice of airline or destination. These are pure frustration for you and also, if it would be an important business trip, added stress for your business affair is also affected.

There nothing to worry about. In fact, modern and international airports offer a place for your private jet for boarding and landing. You do not need to rent a heliport or any vacant private property to get access to a safe landing and takeoff.

Your jet can now be serviced by airports for you to have easy access to key cities without traveling to far off places from exclusive jet landing areas. It can also save you from unreasonable pricing just for a quick use of such facilities.

Available Airports

Nowadays, airports from around the world cater different kinds of aircraft, thanks to approvals from various airline regulatory boards worldwide. All you need to do is to search for a convenient airport for your destination.

Some airports are conveniently located just a few miles within downtown areas. After landing, your own car won’t be needed for you to be ushered in and out of the airport. You can make use of the variety of ground transportation options for you to explore the place more and save a considerable amount of service charges.

Chartering a private jet is an opportunity to avoid congested airport lines among the masses of people. It also a chance to start your flight off on the right foot by driving to the airport nearest you.

Quick Access

You are not required to undergo any commercial security checks. In fact, you will be entering the airport through a general aviation terminal or what is commonly called an FBO or Fixed Base Operator. Even if you have to undergo with a certain airport’s security check, it will just be fast without any hassle and further scrutiny.

This goes the same with boarding off your jet from a commercial airport.

Saves Time

Commercial airports allow to have the luxury of time upon using their facilities as your landing area. Some private airports are very far from your main destination and you need to drive off many miles away to your hotel or any business conference usually located near the heart of any city you visit.