Chartered helicopters and chartered jets

Posted by on 29/08/2011

You could hire a chartered helicopter to the destination of your choice. What makes them different from chartered flights is that with chartered helicopters, you have the flexibility of selecting closely your preferred destination. You do not need to look for the closest airport. All you need to locate is a helipad. So this saves a lot of time as well. Also, if you wish to fly by a chartered helicopter, you would not even have to bother about extensive security checks at the airports. It is also possible for you to book a return journey on the same helicopter as well by striking a standby waiting time deal as well. Not only does it save the need to stay overnight but also helps you to plan your travel as per your schedule and convenience.

Another possibility is that of private charter jets which are generally hired by the business tycoons and corporate houses. An additional feature they have is that of extra space. Their speed and reliability is much more that the chartered helicopters. They come in a number of different sizes and depending upon the service provider you select, you could get certain luxuries as well.