Do Private Jets Have to Have Flight Attendants?

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9 months ago

Private jets are known to be compact and convenient when it comes to delivering you to your desired destinations. The company of a flight attendant in a private jet makes your flight more comfortable, well-serviced and well-accommodated.

A private flight offers beyond convenience and comfort. In fact, almost all necessities and special requirements that you have are catered with utmost importance. From ensuring that the flight goes smoothly to preparing your inflight menu, cleaning up and keeping you in great company, a flight attendant is there to keep everything in the cabin under control.

Private jets may or may not have a flight attendant. The situation of having one may not be necessary. There are some conditions and circumstances wherein you wouldn’t find an attendant to assist your needs for your whole flight. Here are some cases wherein you can and can’t find one in your private jet:

Your Flight Details

Short trips and small rounds of your flight may affect the availability of a flight attendant around. Considering that your flight is just within 30 minutes to an hour from your destination, a flight attendant may not be necessary to be around.

Domestic flights especially from and to neighboring cities and states are often taking off without a flight attendant present on board. International flights require more assistance from a flight attendant considering the comfort of the passenger during the long flight.

Your Jet’s Capacity

Smaller jets only have few rooms to accommodate a flight attendant on board. Turbo props and light jets often fly without a cabin crew or attendant. Considering the size of your jet, it can only accommodate four to six persons in the cabin.

Even in a commercial airline, for planes with only up to 19 seats, no flight attendant is needed.

Administration’s Decision

Having a flight attendant in a private jet is optional according to the mandates of the aviation group or the airline company of the plane you fly with. Some of which follow certain guidelines and uniformity with other aircraft flying conditions, some consider different cases for different aircraft.

The private airline could make all aircraft available with flight attendants or the other way around. Although, the FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t require flight attendants or cabin crew in private planes, private charter flights often fly with an attendant on board.

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