Does a Private Jet Cost a Lot?

Posted by on 17/09/2011

Everyone knows that you can rent a private jet instead of flying with commercial airlines – but not so many people seem to be aware of how much it costs exactly. There’s a common misconception that it costs a fortune to rent a private jet, when in fact it can be made much more financially bearable if you’re just careful with how you’re configuring your trip.

The average private jet cost can seem a bit high for a regular consumer, that’s true – but there are various features that you can exclude to avoid paying so much quite well. For example, if you go with an older model airplane instead of the latest luxury solutions, and additionally don’t make use of all the extra drinks and services on board, you’re going to save some significant sums of money.

In addition, remember that when you’re renting a jet, you have to book it in advance just like a regular flight – so if you want your private jet cost to be as low as possible, you should also do the reservations as soon as you’re sure you’re going to fly and you know the exact date, instead of leaving it for the last minute when prices are at their highest.