Private Jet vs. Commercial Airplane

Posted by on 17/06/2011

If you want to fly to a certain location you need to know what form of transportation is available. There are only so many vehicles that can fly in the air; the most popular being a airplane. The airplane will transport you to other parts of the world in a relatively short time. The cruise speed of a average commercial airplane is about 600 kilometers per hour. However, there are two main types of airplanes; private jets and commercial airplanes. A private jet is usually owned by companies or certain individuals. The advantages of riding in a private jet are quite simple; you won’t be bothered by other passengers and you will arrive and your destination with very few complications. If you are in a hurry to reach a country at a certain deadline it is recommended to rent a private jet to take you because private jets will get you to your destination in a much shorter time than a commercial airplane can. So in other words if you are in a hurry you should get a private jet. Of course you need to consider your budget as well when it comes to renting a private jet because some of them can be quite expensive.