Transporting clients using Private Jets

Transporting clients is something you may need to do once in a while; if you want people to come and see you then you or your business may have to pay for it or organize it, or you may want to offer to in order to ensure someone comes. Potential clients you may well want to see face to face and want them to see your business as a potential clincher to getting work or an order from them.

It isn’t just clients or potential clients though, it is dignitaries and public speakers, anyone you want to impress and want to ensure will come. Asking someone to come to your offices in a different city, state or even country is a big ask when you consider the time it will take and the unpleasantness of having to get through an airport at either end. You can make it much easier for them and go to check in, queue for security and then try and find your distant gate like everyone else: meaning by the time you have reached your plane you have wasted hours. You can’t even really settle down to do work in a business lounge and you have to stay alert and may have to move several times; the larger the airport the longer you are going to have to allow to get to your gate as well.

With a charter flight you can often be driven to your jet on the tarmac waiting and ready to fly. Where in an airport even boarding a plane and waiting for it to taxi and takeoff may take an hour with a charter flight you can arrive get on and start taxiing while you are still getting settled into your seat. Of course during the flight you can do more or less what you want without being disturbed or disturbing other people on a chartered flight: so you can make the most of your time, unlike on a commercial flight: thenon arrival get out of the airport and to your destination straight away.

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