Understanding The Niche Of Charter Flights

Posted by on 11/08/2014


In case you do not know, charter flights are private flights that are scheduled to meet the needs of specific organizations or individuals. While public commercial flights have set departure and arrival schedules with tickets being purchased up to the day of departure, charter flights are arranged by request. The fee for this service is typically higher than that charged by conventional cargo or passenger airline. Sometimes however, it is possible to negotiate a discount for this air transport option.

Who offers charter flight services?

Charter flight services are offered by private companies as well as through some large airlines. The aircrafts come with cabin crew, supplies such as meals and the likes to make those using them as comfortable as possible. Some onboard services however can only be requested for as part of the charter contract. Different types of aircrafts are used for charter flights depending on the number of passenger and amount of cargo being transported.

Medical charters

People who need specialized treatment abroad may need to use a charter flight to get to the hospital. In medical emergency situations, rapid transport to treatment facilities is critical so as to ensure that people get the right care as quickly as possible. This call for the right aircrafts, in this case charter flights, to be used so as to provide routine medical transport to and for the affected people. On board are normally paramedics, nurses and sometimes even doctors to monitor and keep the patient stable while on the plane before a hand-off to a physical medical facility.

Medical charter flights are vital when it comes to transporting easy to damage human organs for transplant. These normally have a very limited life outside the body and thus have to be fast transported to the medical facility where they are needed. The flights allow for direct transport between hospitals ensuring that delicate organs get to their destinations as fast as possible.

Passenger charter flights

People such as celebrities and very wealthy individuals that want to avoid crowds at the airports more than often opt for usage of charter flights to and from different destinations. Some tour companies also use charter flights to take people from one place to another. Charters in this case are a part of a package deal that includes rentals, accommodation and other things to make a business or vacation trip a success.

Sometimes schools, businesses and other organizations book a charter flight in order to receive a better rate from the airline for their travels. Organizations that need to frequently fly personnel from one place to another often find it more cost-effective to contract a charter service when compared to other options, for instance maintaining a company aircraft.

Utilizing charter flights for business needs is more convenient, especially for unexpected transport needs since it makes it possible to skip the ticketing and other air transport procedures that are required in a standard airline.

Freight charter

Time-sensitive or unique cargo is frequently transported via charter flights since regular airlines can’t handle it or are not able to meet delivery targets. For example, race horses are often flown from one place to another by charter flights rather than transporting them on road. It is also faster and more convenient to transport perishable goods, important documents, critical medicals devices and the likes through a chartered flight. In remote areas that are inaccessible during the winter, charter flights are often used to provide a lifeline foe the residents. Apart from all these, charter flights are often used in food, supplies and mail delivery to residents in need.