What are Some of the Ways Famous Executives Get to Their Meetings?

Posted by on 03/11/2016

Being part of a multinational corporation’s executive team means being ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Between locking in plans for opening new locations and securing lucrative customers who improve the bottom line to evaluating key employees and how well their branches are doing, travel options need to be efficient and quick. Here are some of the more common ways that executives get to their meetings on time every time.


First Class on a Commercial Flight

When there’s time to do some advance planning, booking a first class reservation on a commercial flight works. This is especially true if the corporation has some type of discount plan in place with the airline. Between the accumulation of points or other rewards and the reduced fares, this can be a cost-efficient way to get from one place to the other.

A downside to this solution is that there is always the possibility of delays that lead to missed connections and other issues. A flight that’s delayed could mean waiting at a gate for hours before moving on to the next leg of the journey. When there’s the need to be somewhere tomorrow morning, it pays to check into other strategies for getting to those meetings.

Private Jet Rental

Another approach that is more flexible and makes the travel process easier is to work with a private jet rental service. Services of this type maintain fleets that vary in the number of seats available, the amenities and features provided, and the range of destinations that they provide.

One of the major draws of setting up an account with a private jet rental services is the ability to schedule trips at the last minute. If there's an emergency across the country that needs immediate attention, the jet can be booked and prepared in a matter of hours. Compare that to trying to get a seat on a commercial flight at the last minute and hope that there won’t be any issues along the way.

Keep in mind that a private jet provides point to point travel. There are no long lines, so waiting, and no need to worry about missing connections. That leaves more time for the executive to focus on preparing for the upcoming meeting and whatever needs to be done to deal with the emergency.

Private Helicopter Rental

Traveling by helicopter is an excellent option for more than one reason. Helicopters are capable of landing in areas where any type of plane could never manage. If there’s the need to get to a building site, a remote mining operation, or anywhere that is not near an airport or landing strip, a helicopter offers the most practical solution.

Executives know that time is money. When any travel delay could lead to missing a golden opportunity or end up costing the company a valued customer, getting to meetings and other important events on time is a necessity. Compare these three options and think about the merits associated with each. It won’t take long to identify which solution is right a trip that needs to be made today, next week, or next month.