Do You Know Why Corporate Private Jets Are Necessary?

Posted by on 04/11/2014



When most people think about corporate jets, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury and executive trips. The fact is that business owners, managers and sales executives often have to travel a lot to meet the different challenges that come with the business needs. Sometimes there is the need to visit multiple locations in a single day and traveling plans can be prolonged for weeks. All this travelling can be hectic when using commercial airlines and it can result in a waste of valuable time.

Given these demands, it is not surprising that corporate jets have become critical business tools. Trying to maintain a hectic business schedule while depending on commercial airlines can prove to be nearly impossible. When you think about everything from the flight delays and security clearances, to luggage checks and endless lines, it is clear that a lot of valuable time goes to waste. There are several utilization reasons that make private jets worth the investment.

Reasons to own a business jet

According to surveys, most businesses that invest in private jets do so to avoid depending on commercial airline schedules. Some businesses need the jets in order to reach the remote locations that they serve while others cite the need for security as the main reason to invest in a jet. Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that many businesses are increasingly choosing this option to serve their transport needs.

While some business aircraft are owned outright by the companies utilizing them, others choose private jet charters, leasing or fractional ownership options. The charter firms usually provide the businesses with immediate access to jets or business aircraft on-demand. The charter programs are popular with those who want the convenience of having a jet without making the huge purchase investment. Following are some of the ways that businesses utilize private jets.

1. Transporting employees

The most common reason why businesses invest in private jets is as a way to transport employees. This is done as a way to meet the company objectives and in most cases, the jet is only available to specific employees. The jet comes in handy when the employees need to attend strategic meetings or when carrying out new market research. The convenient transport system helps when it comes to enhancing client relationships and for meeting with investors. These factors help the business to grow.

2. Transportation of clients

In some cases, businesses use their private jet to transport important clients to different facilities. This can be done during the launch of new products or services or when implementing new projects. The jet can provide an opportunity to hold meetings and make presentations with prospects and clients during the flight. Using a private jet can act as a major selling point especially for a company that is looking for investment partners. Company image is everything and this makes an important case for jet usage.

3. Transporting business cargo

Private jets come in handy when businesses need to transport cargo or parts. This is an efficient mode of transport when moving items from one location to another. Businesses that work with time sensitive items require the fastest mode of transport and this is often the private jet. The cargo can be transported to suppliers, clients, potential customers and even between different company facilities. When moving large volumes of cargo, the private jet can help to reduce the cost of overnight shipping and this can translate to substantial savings.

4. Transporting suppliers

At a time when competition is high, businesses have to look for ways to accelerate or improve the supply chain. One effective way to do this is by providing efficient transport for the suppliers. Having a private jet allows the businesses to transport a large number of suppliers, improving the supply chain. This improves interactions and accountability to ensure that everything needed for the success of the business is readily available. This can help to avoid delays that can have a negative effect on the business operations.

5. Humanitarian flights

For companies that give to charity or support humanitarian efforts, the jet can help to enhance these efforts. Private jets come in handy when there is need to transport people and supplies to support the communities in crisis. The ability to fly the supplies means that help can get to the beneficiaries in good time and it can even save lives. In the last few years, the large number of natural disasters has increased the need for emergency relief victims in different locations. A jet can reach areas that are difficult to access.

It is clear that owning or leasing a private jet will continue to be a corporate need. The fact that different types of aircraft are readily available means that the businesses can find a jet to suit their needs. Given the different utilization strategies, it is easy to justify investing in a corporate jet.