The Benefits of Private Flights for Portland Businesses

Posted by on 04/10/2016


There’s a lot to be said for establishing a relationship with a private jet rental agency. Choosing this mode of travel for business offers a range of benefits that are hard to come by using any other approach. Here are a few of the more important advantages that come with arranging private flights for Portland businesses.

Flexible Travel Arrangements

One of the main draws of private flights is that there is no need to deal with airline schedules and the possibility of having to catch one or more connecting flights. Private flights can be booked at the client’s convenience. If there’s the need to leave at two o’clock in the morning in order to make a breakfast meeting with an important client, the service will have a craft, a pilot, and any other crew members that the client needs.

Consider what would happen if a major client needed to see someone face to face as soon as possible. Getting a commercial flight out today will be difficult at best and impossible at worst. By contrast, one quick call to a service that arranges private jet or helicopter rentals will be all it takes to have a way to travel in a matter of hours. The ability to travel on the spur of the moment increases the odds of maintaining valued clients, securing new ones, and keeping the bottom line healthy.

The Comfort Factor

There is no doubt that choosing to go with a private flight provides more comfort. That comfort is not just about the quality of the seating. Many private flights also have work spaces that make it easy to concentrate on preparing for whatever event will take place at the destination.

Imagine being able to board a private jet, settle in for the takeoff, and then have room to set up a tablet, spread out documents, and get right to work. Having a crew member on hand who can ensure the client has everything needed to work privately is a pleasant change from taking a commercial flight and not having the peace and quiet needed to think.

A Safe Trip

Not everyone knows how safe private flights happen to be. It’s easier to maintain security prior to the takeoff. Since the only individuals on board are the clients and the crew, the odds of any untoward event that compromises safety is nil.

Private jet and helicopter rental services also employ stringent maintenance and safety protocols to ensure the entire fleet is in peak condition. Couple the safety level with the ability to be on the way in a couple of hours and it’s no wonder that business people utilise this approach whenever possible.

Private flights for Portland businesses are not merely conveniences. They are efficient, save time and money, and can make the difference between future growth and company stagnation. Learn more about this approach to travel today and how it can save time and money. After one trip, the practicality of establishing an ongoing relationship with a private jet service will be obvious.