Private Jet Rental Plans

Considering how the global economy is not doing so well at the time this post is being written hiring a private jet might not be the best idea. You will be able to save more if you just bought a regular ticket on a commercial airplane. Of course if you choose to ride on a commercial airplane instead of a private airplane you will sacrifice luxury and privacy. In a private jet chances are you will be the only passenger on board unless you choose to share the airplane with someone else as well. Either way flying in a private jet is extremely comfortable. In addition to that boarding a private jet can be done very quickly you do not need to wait in line with a bunch of other people. Of course you usually have to go through similar security check points but the line will be very short which means you won’t have to wait. Either way since renting a private jet is quite expensive there are several plans available like fractional ownership for example. Fractional ownership basically means that you own a fraction of the airplane; you share the price with other owners and you can use the airplane whenever it is free.

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