Should I Rent a Private Jet for My Business Trips?

A business trip is something that aims at productivity – you don’t travel halfway around the world just for the heck of it, you often have some concrete goal you’re going after when you’re doing that. With this in mind, it’s kind of puzzling that so many businessmen who travel on a regular basis still choose to take up commercial airline services for this purpose – compared to the option to rent a private jet. Even though a private jet usually sounds more expensive and troubling in terms of paperwork and such, it’s actually a far better option if you want to save your time and money.

The thing is, when you rent a private jet with a bunch of other people, you’ll all end up paying less than what you would for a regular commercial flight to the same destination – even though all the conditions would be far better for you during the flight. That, and the fact that you eliminate most of the hassle associated with regular commercial airlines, should be more than enough of a reason to abandon the idea of flying commercial and switch to the new age of flying, using a private jet for all your important trips.

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