Using chartered jets to move around your employees

Posted by on 18/10/2011

Your staff are your most important resources and you therefore want to extract the maximum out of them, while at the same time keeping them happy of course and making sure they don’t want to leave your company. Travel and flying especially can be the main way in which employees’productivity is drastically affected so making you as an employer unhappy and it is one thing that employees may hate making them unhappy.

Air travel on commercial flights having to go through and wait in commercial airports isn’t much fun, it is stressful and hard work, especially when your employees have places to be and need to turn up ready and prepared. Taking too many flights may take their toll on employees who get fed up with constantly being in airports and may become keen to leave your company:by putting them on charter flights they not only avoid the airports but get to enjoy much more pleasant flights that they will see as a benefit of working for you and not as a chore. The amount of time when your employees can actually be working hard will improve as well, they can work on the charter flight far more easily plus may be able to get more directly and quickly to their destination.