Private aircraft Acquisition

Posted by on 18/10/2011

Buying even just a basic light aircraft is a major investment:for busy individuals and companies though employing and transporting busy individuals a jet is almost a must except for short distances where a turbo prop may suffice. In either case we are not talking about small aircraft for pleasure flights: executive private aircraft need to be big enough for traveling in comfort and often for transporting several people such as clients or employees.

Choosing the plane you want and getting it in a good condition at the right price is something that no-one anywhere in your organization even in your buying department is going to have the services for private flights, as such some are taking to extremes the level of comfort and privacy you get but there are some things they can’t offer that a private flight does.

You certainly will be disturbed more on a commercial flight, there will be a lot of background noise and there is always someone who decides to be inconsiderate. If you want to get work done then you need to be able to concentrate and may also need a little more space for paper work and such like. In a private flight you can have an entire table or desk to work at and make sure noone is going to disturb you;if you are heading to a presentation you can even practice it onboard and be as loud as you wish without disturbing other people. Another thing you can’t do on a commercial flight is start having a meeting with other colleagues traveling with you: this means you can’t prepare for the meeting you are heading to or get other important work done meaning that the time on the plane is wasted and you may have to find somewhere to have the meeting with your colleagues before the meeting you are heading to.