What You Need to Know Before you Rent a Private Plane

Posted by on 31/05/2011

It’s very easy to get tired of commercial airlines. The slow, irritating and over priced process could make anyone’s patience run thin.

The alternative options to flying are limited. Not everyone has the spare time for car or train travel. One of the only realistic alternatives to commercial airlines is to rent a private plane.

“Renting” a private plane doesn’t mean you have to fly it yourself. Most, if not all, private jet companies have their own staff and captains.

A private jet company is far more personalized than commercial airlines. The main thing you have to realize is the need to contact them personally and explain what you need.

Commercial airlines are very unpersonalized. Private jet companies on the other hand want to cater to their specific clients needs so you’ll get to talk to them yourself about what you want and expect.

Think about the things you’ll want to tell them. Do you have a specific diet? A good private jet company will see to needs like this. Do you have to travel with medications such as insulin that needs to be refrigerated? They can handle that.

Renting a private plane will be more expensive, but you save a lot of time and avoid a lot of hassles.

If you’re curious about a more prestigious way to fly, you should check websites of private charter companies. They’ll have information that can answer any questions you may have. One such website can be found here: http://www.novajet.com/